Rose Orelup, a New England based designer and artist whose work focuses on an awareness for sustainability as she manipulates recycled and upcycled materials to create her work.

She is a graduate of The University of Connecticut where she received her BFA in business. She is the recipient of Best Visionary design from Trashion Fashion, awarded Third in juried show "Redux: Everything Old is New Again”, Manchester, and received recognition in Juried selection of “Recycle” Brooklyn.

Orelup’s publications include NowThis, In a Green Minuet, NYC based Environmental Safety Scientist and Paterson Press. Orelup is currently a member of the Five Points, University of Hartford/ Hartford Art School Launchpad initiative. Orelup’s work has been exhibited Nationally in venues and galleries such as Trashion Fashion of New England, The Paterson Museum, Haute Trash of California and is in private collections through the country.


To promote environmental awareness through visuals and a commitment towards minimizing impact on the ecosystems.



A good design is a sustainable design
— Imran Amed